I saw a TV advert recently where a guy said something along the lines of ‘the best way to get something done, is to begin.’ I have literally no idea what he was advertising but it struck a chord with me and I thought, yes! so simple yet effective. And this is sort of how my website came about. I wanted to do it, so I just began, first by choosing a host and then slowly over time shaping it into something I am happy with. It isn’t complete but I started and it’s here and all I have to do is carry on.

When someone says something like that it reminds you that you have a lot of bullshit in your head that stands in the way or holds you back. The task appears mammoth sized, far too difficult to achieve.

So, getting to the point, the time it has taken for me to actually sit down and start writing these posts has meant that my cupboard has started to burst at the seams with half-empty beauty products that I haven’t wanted to throw away or finish because at some point I knew I wanted to write about them. The enormity of the task daunts me and I have no idea what order to post them in but here I am, beginning.

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