Where to Begin? Eucerin.

As it’s winter, I’ve decided to post about Eucerin. Given what you have read (or not) in my about section, or the tagline of the website, you might be confused as to why I am posting about this product; it’s not off the grid and it’s certainly not organic. However, it has saved my skin.
Since the comeback of skinny jeans, every winter has brought with it showers of flaky skin cells. Stay with me. Getting dressed in the morning or after a shower brought a sense of foreboding and pulling on those moisture-absorbing tights filled me with an anger matched only by that of wearing an ill-fitting bra.

No more. This blue and white bottle has ended it all. My legs have remained smooth and itch-free this entire season. Now, don’t be put off by the urea, I know I was. It is merely a compound found in urine, not actual urine itself.

It feels thin when poured out, to the point that it seems to disappear very quickly when rubbing it in. You may think that that you need to keep adding more to cover your legs but don’t be fooled. As soon as it starts melting from the heat of your legs, its true greasiness is revealed. Not even a towel will save you.

At first, I was applying it to dry legs every evening (perfect for winter pyjamas, not so much summer bed-sheets). I was astounded, I suddenly had barbie-smooth legs – a sort of cold, smooth plastic feeling. However, when I went to apply it in the morning, it did not feel good underneath trousers or tights, which would remain damp till the end of the day! So I had a look around and read that you could rub it into wet skin, similar to baby oil, which helps absorb the cream and meant I could towel off any excess. Win win.

Final Points:

  •  The fragrance-free smell is really inoffensive.
  • The price is a little high but there are often discounts or deals in store for this one.
  • It does say that it is for skin conditions, so, personally, I wouldn’t go there in the summer unless I was using it to calm down my KP, which, as a side note, it does seem to improve—more so when you apply to dry skin though.
  • When you are rubbing it into wet skin, you need to give it some welly.

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