Hey there, thanks for stopping by – here’s a little background to my endeavour…

Over the years, I have spent (or wasted, if you share my mum’s opinion) a lot of money in the pursuit of better skin – or less angry skin, at the least. As a result, I know how important it is to research product reviews and images before making that all important purchase. I spend weeks deliberating on the best option for my budget and I hope, by sharing my experiences, to help you with your own skincare journey.

Originally, magazines were my go-to resource but they soon became a source of frustration, as I realised most of those lovely reviews were paid for by the companies producing them! Much like the displays in bookstores, those highly sought positions were bought not earned. Blogs became my safety net and yet there were some that seemed to rate everything sent their way. Most were honest and thorough but it was difficult to judge, so I would flick through quite a few before making my mind up. And so, one day, I decided to add to that mix and record my own journey of highs and lows.

To tell you a bit about me – I am female and entering my late 20s with sensitive skin, whose oily fountain of youth has begun to run dry. You should know that this will happen to you too one day, as might adult acne! Nobody warns you about these things, which just seems rude. My reviews are on products that I have bought and used myself. If I ever receive a gift or a sample, I try it out before judging – unless of course it is pumped full of chemicals and then I place it on the gifts-for-the-future pile.

Keep in mind that everybody’s skin is different – don’t overspend, don’t purchase anything unless you are absolutely sure it is right for you. I am not selling anything and I don’t represent anyone, I am also not a professional or expert. I have merely lived the struggle and am offering another voice to the reviews out there in order to help you come to a well-rounded decision.
Keep it foxy x

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